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A unique opportunity to do original research at the frontiers of science, the Wolfram Science Summer School teaches about 50 students from a diverse range of scientific backgrounds how to use Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science and the Wolfram Language to implement projects in their fields of interest. Most of these students are advanced undergraduates and early graduate students, but those in different circumstances are considered. We are looking for students who want to enhance their careers with Wolfram Science and the Wolfram Language. Read more »

Class of 2006

Maxime Moreau

Bio [2006]

Maxime Moreau has a BA in architectural science from Laval University, Canada, and a master's in architecture from the University of Montréal, Canada. Maxime Moreau recently founded Open Form Architecture (OFA) with three other award-winning architecture interns, Maurice Martel, Darrel Ronald, and Minh Tuan Khai Le. Open Form Architecture defines an architecture practice as a satellite studio wherein partners join together to work on projects, competitions and exhibitions. The team join designers working in different cities, even different countries: Montréal, Los Angeles, Paris, and Rotterdam.

OFA seeks to define a new practice of contemporary architecture based on complex tools such as programming, generative algorithms, bio-mimetic software, and associative design in order to arrive at a nonstandard practice wherein the formal investigations are endless, open forms.

Since 2001, OFA has participated in the Concours du Musée de la Nation Huronne Wandat (Finalist); City of Skyscrapers, Biennale of Ljubljana, Slovenia (Third Prize); the Il Ponticello International Charrette, Montréal (Mention); Beirut Martyrs' Square Competition; the City Crossing International Competition, Winnipeg; the Abbaye Cistercienne d'Oka; Théâtre de Terrebonne; and the Bibliothèque de Châteauguay.

Project Title

Space between Cellular Automata: Reworking the Spatial Division in Architecture


Basic ideas of this project:

  1. Reworking the fundamental rule of the descriptive walls method
  2. Reworking the spatial division = reworking the lifestyle inside the space and its essence
  3. Reworking the internal relationships
  4. Investigate new methods that can become the manifestations of their era
Favorite Four-Color, Radius-1/2 Rule

Rule chosen: 1002785464