A Unique Educational & Career Opportunity with Stephen Wolfram

A unique opportunity to do original research at the frontiers of science, the Wolfram Science Summer School teaches about 50 students from a diverse range of scientific backgrounds how to use Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science and the Wolfram Language to implement projects in their fields of interest. Most of these students are advanced undergraduates and early graduate students, but those in different circumstances are considered. We are looking for students who want to enhance their careers with Wolfram Science and the Wolfram Language. Read more »


Class of 2013

Class Project:
Generalized Self-Contacting Symmetric Fractal Trees in 3D »

I identified four kinds of symmetric fractal trees in 3D that are determined by the type of expressions found in their boundary equations; these are trees with number of branches b=4n-1, b=4n, b=4n+1 and b=4n+2 where n takes the integer values from 1 to ¶. Several animations were produced when one walks around the critical boundaries of the parameter space, showing interesting dynamics and topological critical changes for certain angles.

In Their Words

I enjoyed the experience and learned a lot from other students, instructors, and my mentor. The idea of looking through a defined space, searching for the interesting cases is fascinating and will change how I research, because you never know what you will find.

—Mayla Boguslav


The best thing that happened to me in July 2013 was attending the Wolfram Science Summer School! Its memories will linger, and the knowledge gathered will forever be handy. I can't predict the future, but I am confident of this.

—Emmanuel Salawu


It is a truly interdisciplinary and intercultural experience that I will never forget....

The NKS Summer School enabled me to learn many aspects of NKS and Mathematica and to be able to produce meaningful results in a very short time.

—Weili Luo


The NKS Summer School is an intellectual tour de force, with highly competent instructors and fellow students.

—Dag Sørebø


If you want to see life, the universe, and everything else from a computing point of view, NKS Summer School is the right place to start!

—Daniel de Souza Carvalho


It's a great environment for students of everywhere with a lot of conversations about nature, computations, complexity, and new ideas arising in these current times.

—Emmanuel Garcés Medina


The Wolfram Science Summer School is an amazing multi-disciplinary and multicultural experience. It changes your mind, the way you usually work, gives you more points of view, and helps you for your career.

—Raúl Cázares


It doesn't matter that much if you don't have a clear idea for a project, what you do in the end doesn't really matter, it seems like it would be fun doing any project.

—Ruaridh O'Donnell


With the little I have seen, the world of learning should be getting ready for NKS take-over!

—Francisca Aladejana


It's a learning experience for anyone interested in being a part of an exciting new frontier. I got the sense of being one of a large group of people working to build the groundwork for this new science.

—Sean Lynch


The primary value of the NKS Summer School to me was in making it clear what NKS is all about. It is about applying a new mode of thinking to the solution of scientific problems. This has enabled me to look at my research on new ways and has given me new pathways toward solutions to problems.

—Allen Taylor


All in all, quite an achievement.

—Matthew Frank

Advice for Future Attendees

Learn as much Mathematica as possible beforehand. Try to find a project topic before the school and prepare for it by reading related background material, with emphasis on the relevant parts of the NKS book. In order to help this, browse the booklet of Open NKS Problems.

—Pedro P.B. de Oliveira


Get ready for some serious intellectual stimulation!

—Thomas Zheng


The only way to understand a complex system is to re-create it on your computer. NKS methods are the best.

—Luca Zammataro


Learn Mathematica.
Read the book.
Have fun!

—Martin Schneider


Attend the Conference, which will set the scene for your new train of thought process and throughout the conference you will get to know a bunch of interesting individuals. Think about what your project will be on; formulate a question and think about how you will be able to solve that.

—Pedro P.B. de Oliveira


Internalize the key points of NKS!

—Evangelos Georgiadis