The Wolfram 2,3 Turing Machine Research Prize

Alex Smith


Alex Smith

Alex Smith was born on 15 April 1987 in Birmingham, UK. He is the oldest of three children. Both his parents are lecturers at the University of Birmingham. He went to a private primary school and then was selected to attend King Edward VI Five Ways School. Alex is now an undergraduate in Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Birmingham.

Alex started using computers when he was six years old, and now knows around 20 programming languages. In secondary school, he was twice selected as a reserve to represent the UK at the International Mathematical Olympiad. At the University of Birmingham he is a top student in his class.

As a hobby, Alex has been active in the esoteric programming languages community for several years, and is the maintainer of a compiler for the intentionally obscure "joke" language INTERCAL. He also enjoys composing electronic music and participating in games such as Magic: The Gathering.


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