Program Outline

Since its release in May 2002, Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science has generated immense interest across many areas of science and beyond.

NKS 2003 will be the first conference devoted to the ideas and implications of A New Kind of Science. The conference will bring together individuals from a broad range of fields to learn and interact and to get involved with NKS.

Minicourse by Stephen Wolfram

A unique series of lectures covering key facets of the basic science and applications of NKS

Discovering the world of simple programs How to do NKS computer experiments How to make models with simple programs Implications for biology Towards a truly fundamental theory of physics Processes of perception and analysis The Principle of Computational Equivalence Extending the foundations of mathematics New directions for computer science Historical and philosophical perspectives The future of NKS


Specialized sessions focusing on implications and applications for:
Computer Science Biological Sciences Social Sciences Physical Sciences Fundamental Physics Mathematics Foundations of Mathematics Philosophy Future Technology and more

Workshops and case studies on:
Modeling Computer Experimentation Defining NKS Problems NKS Explorer NKS-Based Education and more...

Panel discussions with experts on selected topics

Contributed poster and demo sessions providing opportunities to showcase NKS-based work

Gallery of NKS-based artwork

Special preconference Mathematica course

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Special academic and student discounts are available.

NKS 2003 will be appropriate for anyone interested in learning about or pursuing the ideas of A New Kind of Science. Dr. Wolfram's minicourse lectures will assume a background of general scientific knowledge at a basic college level. Specialized sessions may assume graduate-level knowledge of relevant fields.


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