NKS 2006 Wolfram Science Conference
June 16-18, 2006--Washington, DC

The NKS 2006 Wolfram Science Conference is a unique opportunity to connect with leaders in the NKS community, explore exciting developments now underway, and learn how to apply the latest NKS ideas and methods to your work.
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Will algorithm mining revolutionize software development?
Is there a core computational architecture in biological cells?
Will generative content revolutionize the entertainment industry?
How will computer experiments change the face of mathematics?
Are there business structures founded on computation universality?
What would an operating system for a swarm of microbots be like?
What kinds of artificial physics can support quantum mechanics?
Will artificial life arise spontaneously within the internet?
Can one map the space of all possible economic systems?
Will the next core computer architecture be discovered by search?
Can we enumerate the morphologies of possible biological organisms?
What pattern recognition algorithms can molecules implement?
What does computational irreducibility mean for supercomputing?
Is there an algorithm for telling if an object was designed?
Will the most important nanomaterials be intrinsically random?
Can a single rule design the complete structure of a building?
Is there an absolute measure of elegance for programming languages?
What is the network analog of a recursive function?
Can we find the simplest undecidable problem in number theory?
What would prove the Principle of Computational Equivalence?
What will happen if kids learn cellular automata before algebra?
What will be the first major industry created by mining the computational universe?