NKS 2006 Wolfram Science Conference

Francisca Aladejana, "The Implications of ICT and NKS for Science Teaching" [abstract] [materials] [online version]

Ramón Alonso-Sanz, "Cellular Automata with Memory" [abstract] [materials]

Troy Anderson, "The Way of Go and NKS"--poster presentation [abstract]

Alan Bachers, "Training the Brain to Enter Class Four Space" [abstract] [materials]

Robert Barbour, "2D Four-Color Cellular Automaton" [abstract] [materials] [online version]

Trevor Bedford, "Using Cellular Automata to Uncover Evolutionary Landscapes" [abstract] [materials]

Yehuda Ben-Shimol, "New Kind of Students? NKS in Information Theory Course" [abstract]

Hugues Berry, "Complex Dynamics of Microprocessor Performances During Program Execution" [abstract] [materials]

Kovas Boguta, "Informational Fracture Points in Cellular Automata" [abstract] [materials]

Kovas Boguta and Richard Phillips, "NKS Research Tools" [abstract] [materials]

Tommaso Bolognesi, "Detecting and Measuring Randomness in Process-Algebraic Computations" [abstract] [materials]

Jason Cawley, "NKS Time Series" [abstract]

Donato D'Ambrosio, "Macroscopic Cellular Automata Approach for Modeling Superficial Dangerous Geological Processes"--poster presentation [abstract]

George Danner, "Real-World Applications of NKS" [abstract] [materials]

Emre Demiralp, "Program Verification Using Production Grammars"--poster presentation [abstract]

Daria Dorosh, Luke DuBois, and John Kiehl, "Follow the Pattern" [abstract] [materials]

Philip Dutton, "Image Processing"--poster presentation [abstract] [materials]

Robert N. Eli, "Cellular Automaton Wave Propagation Models of Water Transport Phenomena in Hydrology"--poster presentation [abstract] [materials]

Bernard François, "About Coarse Graining by Elimination of Relevant Degrees of Freedom"--poster presentation [abstract] [materials]

Adrian German, "On the High Information Content of a Class of Objects with Low Algorithmic Complexity" [abstract] [materials]

Steven Gibson, "Why Numbers Matter"--poster presentation [abstract] [materials]

Yuriy Gulak, "Algebraic Properties of Elementary Cellular Automata" [abstract] [materials]

Bill Hillier, "Cities as Networks" [abstract] [materials]

Toshihiro Iwata, "A Novel Method for Watching Economical Circulations" [abstract] [materials] [online version]

Rafal Kicinger, "Generative Design in Civil Engineering Using Cellular Automata" [abstract] [materials]

Jürgen Klüver, "Recent Results on Ordering Parameters in Cellular Automata and Boolean Networks" [abstract] [materials] [online version]

Brig Klyce, "The Evolution Prize" [abstract] [materials]

Ferda Kolatan, "Responsive Architecture through Parametric Design" [abstract] [materials]

Robert Krawczyk, "Metallic Lace"--artwork [abstract] [materials]

Paul-Jean Letourneau, "Elementary Cellular Automata with Memory" [abstract] [materials]

Peter Loly, "Franklin Squares"--poster presentation [abstract] [materials <1> <2>] [online version]

Wiktor Macura, "Data Compression with Cellular Automata" [abstract] [materials]

Robert de Marrais, "Placeholder Substructures" [abstract] [materials] [online version]

Ed Meier, "Cellular Automata for Information Retrieval"--poster presentation [abstract]

Katarina Miljkovic, "Generating Music with NKS" [abstract] [materials]

Eric Mjolsness, "Toward a Searchable Space of Dynamical System Models" [abstract] [materials]

Jane Molofsky, "Cellular Automata Models in Community Ecology" [abstract] [materials]

Brian Moulton, "NKS and Molecular Materials" [abstract]

Jesse Nochella, "Cellular Automata on Networks" [abstract] [materials]

Else Nygren, "Resonances in 2D CA of Class IV" [abstract] [materials]

Rodrigo Obando, "Mapping the Cellular Automata Rule Spaces" [abstract] [materials]

Thomas Olivier, "Experiences with Computer Simulations of Primate Populations" [abstract] [materials]

Peter Overmann, "An Experiment in a New Kind of Music: The Making of WolframTones" [referenced website]

Vallorie Peridier, "A CA Approach for Estimating Transient Surface Heating" [abstract] [materials]

Alec Resnick and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, "Dynamic State Networks" [abstract] [materials]

Michael Round, "The Computational Universe of Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata"--poster presentation [abstract] [materials]

Eric Rowland, "Classifying Nestedness in Cellular Automata" [abstract] [materials]

Todd Rowland, "The NKS Summer School" [abstract] [materials]

Todd Rowland, "Two-Dimensional Totalistic Code 52" [abstract] [materials] [online version]

Michael Schreiber, "Binomial Exhaustion"--artwork [abstract]

Erik Schultes, "RNA and NKS" [abstract] [materials]

Richard Scott, "Distance Transforms" [abstract] [materials]

Brian Silverman, "An Early Exploration of the Computational Universe" [abstract]

Rod L. Sipe, "A Systems Development Life-Cycle Methodology for Agent-Based Model Development" [abstract] [materials]

Thomas Speller, "Use of Shape Grammar to Derive Cellular Automata Rule Patterns" [abstract] [materials] [online version]

Christina Stoica, "Hybrid CA Systems" [abstract] [materials]

Matthew Szudzik, "An Elegant Pairing Function" [abstract] [materials]

Anirudh Tiwathia and Cristián Opazo, "Eye-Tracking Study Using Cellular Automata Patterns as Visual Stimuli" [abstract] [materials] [online version]

Kohji Tomita, "Two-State Graph-Rewriting Automata" [abstract] [materials]

Johan Veerman, "Arithmetical Cellular Automata" [abstract] [materials]

Brian Vick, "Multiphysics Modeling Using Cellular Automata" [abstract] [materials] [online version]

Jonathan Vos Post, "Toward Enumeration of All Possible Economic Systems"--poster presentation [abstract] [materials]

Quan-Fang Wang, "A New DNA Encoding Technology with Application in Signal Processing of Mechanical Engineering Systems" [asbtract] [materials]

Stephen Wolfram, Keynote Address [transcript] [audio]

Thomas Worsch, "Observations in the Sandpile Model" [abstract] [materials]

Enrique Zeleny, "The Turing Machines Universe"--artwork [abstract]

Hector Zenil, "Exploring the Mathematical Universe"--poster presentation [abstract]