Follow the Pattern

Daria Dorosh, John Kiehl, and Luke DuBois
A. I. R. Gallery, Soundtrack Studios, and New England Conservatory of Music

The twentieth century exemplified a dominant organizing structure that I refer to as “the grid.”  The term’s broad usage is purposely chosen to create as many hooks as possible that invite others to see the underlying grid from their vantage points and personal life experiences—discourse ensues.

The computer has distilled the concept of the grid to its purest form—the digital one and zero. Hence, I find myself attracted to digital media where, I believe, a new thought process in science, art, and technology has arisen. My art practice is a study of structure. I follow the pattern. I ask myself, “How do we find the basic questions?” My presentation will show why A New Kind of Science attracted my attention.

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Created by Mathematica  (May 18, 2006)