Real-World Applications of NKS

George E. Danner

Industrial Science, LLC

NKS is very useful in helping us understand emergent complex phenomena that we observe readily in the natural world. Can it take us farther? There are numerous examples of complex problems in the world of commerce, business strategy, and finance, for which direct, closed-form solutions are unlikely. It is intriguing that many of these business problems have properties that researchers in the classical sciences might recognize, and gives us hope that much of the work in pure NKS can be leveraged for use on real-world problems.

We will discuss a framework for bringing these divergent groups together through the use of stylized problem forms that are of interest to all in the NKS community. We will move further to outline what we believe to be “meta”-NKS, that is, what NKS has to say about general problem solving. And we will conclude with some thoughts on an NKS way of thinking that is anchored by a strong belief in the visualization of simulation replicas of systems.

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