The Way of Go and NKS

Troy Anderson

Author, The Way of Go

The Way of Go could be summarized as an NKS-like analogical approach to business using the game of Go. The premise of the book is to show that rules of thumb in Go are universals that appear in business or most any other endeavor requiring strategy (cooking, politics, war, and so on). Moreover, these rules have metarules that have structure and that understanding the structure of these rules can lead to better decision-making and strategic planning. The book was a result of years of Go study, both as an amateur and professional apprentice in Japan, and then looking at the similarities between Go and most every other field. After reading through NKS, the ties are obvious. While the missing link between NKS and Go is still nary a thought exercise to conduct, the real parallels cannot be ignored or denied.

Created by Mathematica  (May 11, 2006)