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Music and NKS: Looking at and Listening to NKS

Paul Burdick
New England Conservatory of Music

New England Conservatory of Music

John Kiehl
New England Conservatory of Music

Maurice Methot
Emerson College

Katarina Miljkovic
New England Conservatory of Music

NKS 2003 brought together Paul Burdick, John Kiehl, and Maurice Methot to explore the relationship between NKS and music. A year later, they are here to report on their progress. Having established an NKS/Music workgroup at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, John, Paul, and Maurice are joined this year by Michael Gardiner and Katarina Miljkovic. Their workgroup’s focus has been twofold: (1) to understand and participate more fully in the intersection between NKS and music; and (2) to develop software that allows musicians and scientists to explore these connections on their own, by asking questions about NKS and making music. This session will feature the premiere of their new software CA-Cophony.

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