Alan Bachers, "Neurofeedback in NKS" [abstract] [materials]

John M. Bacus, "Drawing Lines with Simple Programs: Some Artistic Experiments with NKS" [abstract] [materials]

Manuel Baez, "Dynamic Cellular Forms" [abstract]

James Bailey, "Thinking Outside the Book" [abstract]

Mel L. Barclay, "Synthetic Birth: Emergent Behaviors in an Agent-Based Model of the Human Uterus" [abstract]

Christopher C. Barton, Sarah F. Tebbens, Stephen M. Burroughs, "Shoreline Dynamics: Self-Affine Signals and Probabilistic Forecasts" [abstract]

Christopher C. Barton, Jorge Gomez-Moreno, "Travel Time for Catchment Flow in a Small Watershed: An Approach Based on Fractal Persistence of Stream Tracer Concentrations" [abstract]

Kovas Boguta, Richard Phillips, and Stephen Wolfram, "Mapping the Computational Universe" [abstract]

Bram Boroson, "NKS Fundamental Physics: The Online Buzz" [abstract] [materials]

Brenton Bostick, "An NKS Approach to the 3n+1 Problem" [abstract]

Adel Bririd, "Quantum Error Correction in Globally Controlled Arrays" (poster presentation) [materials]

Mark W. Bultman, F.S. Fisher, Mark E. Gettings, "Mapping the Distribution of a Soil-Borne Human Pathogen: Coccidioides" [abstract]

Paul Burdick, Michael Gardiner, John Kiehl, Maurice Methot, Katarina Miljkovic, "Music and NKS: Looking at and Listening to NKS" [abstract]

Paul Burdick, John Kiehl, Ed Pegg, Michael Schreiber, "The Arts and NKS: NKS at Work and Play" [abstract] [materials]

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Jason Cawley, Matthew Frank, "Philosophical Implications of NKS: Discussion" [abstract]

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George Danner, "NKS in Business: Applications and Implications" [abstract]

Robert de Marrais, "The 'Something From Nothing' Insertion Point: Where NKS Research into Physics Foundations Can Expect the 'Most Bang for the Buck'" (poster presentation) [materials]

Andreas Eckerstorfer, "Scratch-Detection" [abstract] [materials]

Matthew Frank, "Two Years of Struggle with Computational Equivalence" [abstract] [materials]

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Nigel Goldenfeld, "Physics, Universality, and Computational Algorithms" [abstract]

Alastair Hewitt, "A Cosmological Model Utilizing Causal-temporal Mobile Automaton" (poster presentation) [materials <1>, <2>]

David Hillman, "Combinatorial Dynamics" [abstract] [materials]

Christian Jacob, "NKS in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics" [abstract]

Bahman Kalantari, "Polynomiography: Visualization of Polynomial Equations and New Challenges" [abstract]

Chad Kennedy, "Complex 3D Branching Structure Generation, Analysis and Comparison to Physiological Structure for Tissue Engineering Application" [abstract]

Veikko Keränen, "Avoiding Abelian Patterns in Words" [abstract]

Rafal Kicinger,  "Cellular Automata in Structural Design" [abstract]

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Ed Pegg Jr, "Integer Complexity" [abstract] [materials]

Rodrigo A. Obando, "Exploring a Possible Relationship between Complex Behavior and Monotone Boolean Functions" (poster presentation) [materials <1>, <2> ]

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Richard Phillips, "Growth of the Boundaries of Simple Cellular Automata" [abstract] [materials]

Carlos E. Puente, "From Plato To Borges: Treasures Inside the Bell" [abstract]

Tilman Rassy, "On the Rigorous Derivation of a Kinetic Equation for a Chemical Reaction Taking Place in a Simple Mechanical Model System, following Boltzmann’s Ideas Using the ‘Stosszahlansatz’" [abstract]

Jamie Raymond, "NKS Experimental Design and Implementation for Students" [abstract] [materials]

William P. Reinhardt, "An NKS-Based College Level “Experimental” Discovery Seminar" [abstract]

Eric Rowland, "Fibonacci Numbers and Binomial Coefficients Mod n" [abstract] [materials]

Todd Rowland, "An NKS Curriculum" [abstract] [materials]

Todd Rowland, "Special Session: The NKS Summer School" [abstract]

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Michael Schreiber, "Computational Equivalence: Spencer-Brown Form 110" [abstract] [materials]

Michael Schreiber, "The Big Picture to Pervade: Mathematics Subject Classification [MSC2000]" (poster presentation) [materials]

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Jeremy Smith, "RandScape: Some Algorithms for Self-Organizing Patterns" [abstract] [materials]

Dag Soeroboe, "Molyneaux’s Question, Cellular Automata and the Prisoners’ Dilemma—and the Road Ahead" [abstract]

Klaus Sutner, "Cellular Automata and Intermediate Degrees" [abstract] [materials]

Oyvind Tafjord, "NKS and the Nature of Space and Time" [abstract] [materials]

Victor Trafaniuc, "Explicit Formulation to the Regular Language Complexity of Some Elementary Cellular Automata Rules" [abstract]

Stephen Wolfram "Closing Address by Stephen Wolfram" [abstract]

Stephen Wolfram, "Live Computer Experiment with Stephen Wolfram" [abstract] [materials <1>, <2>]

Stephen Wolfram, "Q&A with Stephen Wolfram" [abstract]

Stephen Wolfram, "Stephen Wolfram's Keynote Address" [abstract]

Wolfram Science Group, "NKS Computer Experiments Clinic" [abstract]

Wolfram Science Group, "The Response to NKS: A Discussion of Media and Other Coverage" [abstract]

Wendy Zhang, Stuart A. Newman, James A. Glazier, "3D Substitution Model for Limb Growth and Pattern Formation" [abstract] [materials]

Thomas Zheng, "Discrete Orthogonal Transforms Using Cellular Automata" [abstract] [materials]

The abstracts are also available in Notebook format.

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