A Way to Construct Complex Configurations in Rule 110

Genáro Juarez Martinez
Universidad Autónoma de Puebla

We will present a procedure for the construction of initial conditions that produce complex behaviors in rule 110. The procedure uses regular expressions that we call phases f{Subscript[i]}_1 By concatenating the regular expressions, all the regularities in each construction are conserved because the constructed initial configuration is another regular expression It offers an alternative method to discover in rule 110 some important phenomenon from cellular automaton theory.Examples of some of the behaviors found are the production of gliders, groups of gliders, meta-gliders, solitons, and the construction of great triangles and other rule 110 objects through collisions, as well as the parts to the cyclic tag system emulation crucial to the only known proof of universality for rule 110.

Created by Mathematica  (April 20, 2004)

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