NKS in Business: Applications and Implications

George Danner
Industrial Science, LLC

NKS promises to have a profound effect on all branches of science—in particular, highly complex phenomena we observe in nature. Yet we also know that complexity is not the exclusive domain of science—problems in business can have the same level of detail and dynamic complexity. More than a few researchers have already drawn parallels between science and business with the use of terms like “ecosystems” and “punctuated
equilibrium” to explain systemic behavior of businesses or industries.

In my remarks, I will be addressing the application of NKS to business. In a broad sense, I will discuss the conditions and history that have made NKS highly relevant to the study of business. Classes of problems in business will be mapped to particular strengths of NKS in generating appropriate insight. Moreover, I will present a problem archetype, the so-called Easter Egg Problem, as an example of applied research in the area.

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