NKS 2006 Wolfram Science Conference

Attendees at the NKS 2006 Wolfram Science Conference will include: academic, industrial, and government researchers technology strategists * technology developers and engineers artists and designers educators undergraduate and graduate students.

Minicourse on A New Kind of Science (Thursday, June 15)

This one-day intensive series of lectures covers key facets of the basic science and applications of Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science, as well as providing a basic introduction to Mathematica as a tool for NKS research.

The structure and promise of NKS Discovering the world of simple programs Modeling with NKS Implications for biology Towards a fundamental theory of physics Randomness, perception, and analysis The Principle of Computational Equivalence Rewriting the foundations of mathematics Exploring the computational universe Conceptual implications Directions for new technology

Main Conference (Friday, June 16-Sunday, June 18)

  • Keynote address by Stephen Wolfram
  • Invited and contributed lectures on topics including:
    New systems in the computational universe
    Proofs and experiments on simple programs
    Connecting NKS to number theory and combinatorics
    Connecting NKS to theoretical computer science
    Search and visualization in the space of programs
    Pattern and form generation for art, music, and design
    NKS modeling in the biological sciences
    NKS modeling in the physical sciences
    NKS modeling in the social sciences
    Ecology and evolution with NKS
    Systems design and analysis with NKS
    Pattern recognition and data analysis with NKS
    NKS in materials science and nanotechnology
    Philosophical questions in the light of NKS
    Practical tools for NKS research
    The organization of NKS as a field
  • Extended Q&A with Stephen Wolfram
  • Live NKS computer experiment
  • Tutorials
  • Poster sessions
  • Demo stations
  • Art displays
  • Birds-of-a-feather meetings
  • . . . and ample opportunities for interaction and discussion.