A New Kind of Order

Looking at Reality: NKS & K–12 Education

Michael Round



Algorithms, cellular automata, fractals, self-similarity, complexity, and simplicity—all have slowly become part of the vernacular of higher education, though more slowly in actual curricula. Moreover, how are these taught at that level? In isolated courses, methods, programs, etc. The integration into a unified approach to understanding is lacking, though the skill in carrying out calculations is increasing.

Can the philosophy of A New Kind of Science be integrated into a curriculum investigating reality for younger students? A huge barrier to success is the dislike many young students have for math and science. Can introductory materials provide a renaissance in education, not solely in math and science, but in the love of learning in general?

This special edition of =EQUALS=, titled A New Kind of Order, will provide a series of explanations of NKS, looking at and understanding reality, and not merely carrying out processes in accord with algorithms, but demonstrating the plausibility of a computational universe and an immense interest in understanding reality.