NKS 2007 Wolfram Science Conference

Friday, July 13, 2007

NKS Minicourse by the Wolfram Science Group
Angell Lecture Center B112

12 noon-3pm
Attendee Sign-In
Angell Lecture Center Lobby

Opening Keynote Address by Stephen Wolfram
Angell Lecture Center B106

Opening Dinner Reception
Billings Student Center

NKS-inspired art will be on display.

A. Poster and Art Session
Billings Student Center

Presenters include:
  • 2007 NKS Summer School Participants
  • Rodrigo Obando, "Local Markov Chains of the Elementary Cellular Automata"
  • Walter Riofrio, "Sensorial Information and the Roots of Cognition in Evolution"
  • Chengpu Wang, "A New Floating Point Arithmetic with Error Tracking Capability"
  • Enrique Zeleny, "NKS Artwork across NKS Systems II"
  • Michael Round, "A New Kind of Order: Looking at Reality: NKS & K-12 Education"
  • Katarina Miljkovic and Kent O'Doherty, "nkScape"
  • Maurice Methot, "Music Generated by Live Elemental Cellular Automata"
  • Kentyn Grey Reynolds, "Channel Light"
  • John Kiehl and Daria Dorosh, "NKS Influence on Art"
  • Francesco Lentini, "Semantic Browsing: An Algorithm to Surf the Meaning"
  • Henryk Fuks, "Combinatorial Structure of Pre-Image Trees in Cellular Automata"

NKS Tools
Angell Lecture Center B106

  • Joe Bolte, "The Wolfram Demonstrations Project and NKS"

A. Pure NKS I
Angell Lecture Center B106

  • David Steinhardt, "How NKS Fits into Cool Metaphors from New Science"
  • Frederico Meinberg, "Computer Experiments on Multiway Systems"
  • Todd Rowland, "Reversible Rule 37"
  • Thomas Speller, "A Study within the Nanosystem Architecture Domain: Self-Assembly of Graphene"
B. Art and NKS
Angell Lecture Center B112
  • Kentyn Grey Reynolds, "Overview of the Channel Light Project"
  • Marty Quinn, "Word, Music, Rhythm, and Geometry: How Shakespeare's Twelfth Night Became a Song"
  • John Kiehl and Daria Dorosh, "NKS Influence on Art"

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Continental Breakfast
Billings Student Center

A. Pure NKS II
Angell Lecture Center B106

  • Tommaso Bolognesi, "Planar Trinet Computation using Two Rewrite Rules"
  • Emmanuel Sapin, "On Discovering Gliders and Glider Guns with Evolutionary Algorithms"
  • Johan Veerman, "Further Results in Arithmetical Cellular Automata"
  • Emmanuel Garcés Medina, "Relationships in the Cellular Automata Rule Space That Preserve NKS Properties"
B. Natural Sciences I
Angell Lecture Center B112
  • Brian Moulton, "Recent Developments in Materials Science: NKS and the Design of New Materials"
  • Peter Morgan, "Finite Automata, Random Fields, Quantum Fluctuations, and Bell Inequalities"
  • Margaret Eppstein, "Predicting Naturalization versus Invasion using Stochastic CA Models"
  • Paul-Jean Letourneau, "Elementary Cellular Automaton Rule 146: Far from Equilibrium"

Angell Lecture Center Lobby

Angell Lecture Center B106

  • Michael Schreiber, "Scrambling by Reversible Conservative Bit Block Automata"
  • Veikko Keränen, "Novel Findings for Abelian Square Avoidance"
  • Rodrigo Obando, "Local Markov Chains of the Elementary Cellular Automata"
  • Kovas Boguta, "Dialectical Cellular Automata"
B. Engineering and Design I
Angell Lecture Center B112
  • Vallorie Peridier, "Basic Schemes for Reversible Cellular Automata"
  • Loe Feijs, "Reinventing Electronics in NKS"
  • Thomas Speller, "From Aesthetically Appealing Chinese Lattices to Routing or Circuitry Systems"
  • Wendy Cox, "Paradoxical Appropriations"

Billings Student Center

A. Finance and Business
Angell Lecture Center B106

  • Fiona Maclachlan, "The Distribution of Market Shares in Monopolistically Competitive Markets"
  • Jason Cawley, "NKS Time Series"
  • Michael Kelly, "Cellular Automaton Models for Market Prices"
  • George Danner, "NKS and Stylized Problems: Progress and New Directions"
B. Natural Sciences II
Angell Lecture Center B112
  • Martijn Cloos, "Morphogenesis of a Cellular Automaton on a 2D Substitution Network"
  • Dawei Li, "A Subsequent Study of Visualized Sequence Comparison Based on Ten Types of Viruses"
  • Luca Zammataro, "The Universal Vision of Organismal Forms through NKS's Eyes"

Angell Lecture Center Lobby

A. Perception and Analysis
Angell Lecture Center B106

  • Samuel Chen, "Achieve Computer Vision with 2D CA--An Introduction"
  • Larry Werth, "Associative Pattern Memory"
  • Ethirajan Rajan, "Symbolic Computing Signal and Image Processing"
  • Ray Dougherty, "Information Theory Defines 'Mathematically Conceivable Communication System'"
B. Math and NKS
Angell Lecture Center B112
  • Klaus Sutner, "Fibonacci, Kronecker, and Hilbert"
  • Robert de Marrais, "Voyage by Catamaran: Long-Distance Semantic Navigation, from Myth Logic to Semantic Web, Can Be Effected by Infinite-Dimensional Zero-Divisor Ensembles"
  • Matthew Szudzik, "The Trouble with Types"
  • Eric Rowland, "Numbers as Programs: The Power of Digit Sequences"

Billings Student Center

A. Pure NKS IV
Angell Lecture Center B106

  • Fritz Obermeyer, "Mapping the Space of Programs, Searching the Space of Languages"
  • Jason Jacobs, "Substitution Systems Design Process"
B. Engineering and Design II
Angell Lecture Center B112
  • Adrian German, "A Space of Solutions for the Easter Egg Problem"
  • Alastair Hewitt, "An Alternative Approach to Anticipative Reinforcement Learning"

The Wolfram 2,3 Turing Machine Research Prize
Angell Lecture Center B106

Live Experiment with Stephen Wolfram
Angell Lecture Center B106

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Continental Breakfast
Billings Student Center

A. Education and NKS
Angell Lecture Center B106

  • Todd Rowland, "NKS Summer School"
  • Michael Round, "A New Kind of Order: Looking at Reality: NKS & K-12 Education"
  • Brian Silverman, "Simple Programming, Simple Programs"
B. Natural Sciences III
Angell Lecture Center B112
  • Jamie Williams, "Entanglement Dynamics in Quantum Cellular Automata"
  • Alfred Hubler, "Accurate Low-Dimensional Discrete Models for Continuous Systems"
  • Mark Burgin, "From Cellular Automata to Grid Automata"

Angell Lecture Center Lobby

9:45am-12 noon
A. Presentations from Randomness & Complexity: From Leibniz to Chaitin
Angell Lecture Center B106

  • Cristian Calude, "Proving and Programming"
  • John Casti, "Greg Chaitin: Twenty Years of Personal and Intellectual Friendship"
  • Karl Svozil, "The Randomness Information Paradox: Recovering Information in Complex Systems"
  • Paul Davies, "The Implications of a Cosmological Information Bound for Complexity, Quantum Information and the Nature of Physical Law"
  • Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic, "Where Do New Ideas Come From? How Do They Emerge? Epistemology as Computation (Information Processing)"
  • Ugo Pagallo, "Chaitin's Thin Line in the Sand. Information, Algorithms, and the Role of Ignorance in Social Complex Networks"
  • Hector Zenil, "On the Algorithmic Complexity for Short Sequences"
  • Gregory Chaitin, "On the Principle of Sufficient Reason"

Lunch Honoring Gregory Chaitin
Billings Student Center

Panel Discussion
Angell Lecture Center B106

Cristian Calude, John Casti, Gregory Chaitin, Paul Davies, Karl Svozil, Stephen Wolfram

End of Conference