Chapter 6: Starting from Randomness

Section 7: The Notion of Attractors

[Attractors in] discrete systems Implementation [of cellular automaton state networks] Finite automata Regular languages Regular expressions Generating functions [for regular languages] History [of finite automata] [Cellular automaton state] network properties Excluded blocks [in cellular automaton evolution] Entropies and dimensions [in cellular automata] Cycles and zeta functions 2D generalizations [of entropies] Probability-based entropies Entropy estimates Nested structure of attractors Surjectivity and injectivity [of cellular automaton maps] Temporal sequences [in cellular automata] Spacetime patches [in cellular automata] History [of dynamical systems approaches] Attractors in systems based on numbers Iterated maps Attractors in Turing machines [State networks for] systems of limited size Symmetries [and state networks] [State networks for] shift rules [State networks for] additive rules [Properties of] random networks

From Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science [citation]