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The original source for this book was created in FrameMaker, processed using an automated build system based on Mathematica, and output as PDF. (See also page 852.) The diagrams in the book were created using Mathematica, and the text for programs was automatically formatted by Mathematica, with both being imported as Encapsulated PostScript. Photographs were enhanced and processed using Photoshop and Mathematica. Index manipulation was done using Mathematica and IXgen.

The fonts in the book are Trump Mediaeval, Palatino, Univers 45 and Gill Sans, with additional elements in Mathematica, Mathematica-Sans, Optima, Meridien and Janson.

The book was printed on 50-pound Finch VHF paper on a sheet-fed press. It was imaged directly to plates at 2400 dpi, with halftones rendered using a 175-line screen with round dots angled at 45°. The binding was Smythe sewn.

Book data: 1280 pages; 583,313 words (main text: 227,580, notes: 283,751); 2,799,438 characters; 973 illustrations; 1350 notes; 796 Mathematica programs; 14,967 index entries.

Book designer: André Kuzniarek

Cover designer: John Bonadies

Additional designers: Jeremy Davis, Jody Jasinski

Layout assistants: Larry Adelston, Richard Miske

Production software developers: Andrew de Laix, Scott Koranda, Patrick Rice, Øyvind Tafjord

Primary graphics finisher: Malgorzata Strzebonska

Additional graphics finishers: Cookie Apichairuk, Hormozd Gahvari, Jay Hawkins, Nadya Markin, Jay Warendorff

Custom font designers: Andy Hunt, André Kuzniarek

Proofreaders: Jan Progen, Caroline Small and other members of the Wolfram Research Document Quality Assurance group

Book program testers: Daniel Cranston, Bill Landis, Sung-il Pae, Niels Sondergaard

Manufacturing manager: Brenda Skelly

For other credits see pages xiixiv.

All diagrams and most photographs are original to this book. (Original photographs by the author and Chris Brown, Ian Collier, Matthew Cook, Andrew de Laix, Theodore Gray, André Kuzniarek, Conrad Wolfram.) Additional photographs are licensed from a variety of sources, believed to be in the public domain, or are courtesy of the following: Bildarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz; The Board of Trinity College Dublin; The British Museum; National Archaeological Museum, Greece (page 43). A. C. Charters; Yves Couder; P. E. Dimotakis; Peter Freymuth; H. Honji/S. Taneda; E. L. Koschmieder; Fred Landis; MIT Press; Maarten Rutgers Research Group, The Ohio State University; D. Howell Peregrine; Ephraim M. Sparrow (page 377). Ralph Buchsbaum; Jeremy Burgess/Science Photo Library, Photo Researchers; Chip Clark/The Smithsonian Institution; Christian de Duve; Eric Grave/Science Photo Library; Manfred Kage/Peter Arnold, Inc.; Lynn Margulis (page 385). John W. Forsythe/UTMB (page 426). Argos Group (page 993). Calligraphy on page 874 by Mamoun Sakkal.

For legal notices see the copyright page.

Printed by Kromar Printing Ltd, Winnipeg, Canada.

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