Chapter 8: Implications for Everyday Systems

Section 6: Growth of Plants and Animals

History [of theories of biological form] Growth in plants Branching in plants Implementation [of branching model] Mathematical properties [of branching model] Simple geometries [in branching model] History of branching models Leaf shapes Self-limiting growth Parameter space sets Mathematics of phyllotaxis History of phyllotaxis Observed phyllotaxis Projections of [phyllotaxis] patterns Implementation [of phyllotaxis model] Shapes of [biological] cells Symmetries [in biological systems] Locally isotropic growth Branching in animals Antlers [Mollusc] shells [Mollusc] shell model History [of shell models] Discrete folding [in biological growth] Intrinsically defined curves Multidimensional generalizations [of intrinsically defined curves] Embryo development History of embryology Bones General constraints on growth Parametrizations of [biological] growth Schemes for [biological] growth Tumors Pollen Radiolarians [Biological] self-assembly Animal behavior

From Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science [citation]