Chapter 12: The Principle of Computational Equivalence

Section 10: Intelligence in the Universe

Animism The weather Defining intelligence Mimesis Defining life Origin of life Self-reproduction Extraterrestrial life Forms of living systems History [of extraterrestrial life] Bird songs Whale songs Animal communication Theories of communication Mathematical notation Computer communication [Ideas of] meaning in programs Meaning and regularity Forms of [engineered] artifacts Recognizing artifacts Artifacts in data Animal artifacts [Meaning in] molecular biology Messages in DNA Decompilers Complexity and theology Purpose in archeology Dead languages Teleology Possible purposes [for systems] Purposeful computation Doubling rules [cellular automata] Searching [for doubling rules] Properties [of doubling rules] [Rules implementing] other functions Minimal cellular automata for sequences Other examples [of minimal systems] Minimal theories Earth from space Astronomical objects Natural radio emissions Artificial radio signals [History of] SETI Detection methods [for SETI] Higher perception and analysis Messages to send [to extraterrestrials] P versus NP [and messages] Science fiction [and extraterrestrials] Practical arguments [about exterrestrials] Physics as intelligence

From Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science [citation]